A year-long immersion in the design process.

M-HEAL’s Incubator is a one-year program, in which members develop an understanding of human-centered design and knowledge in technical skills through leading an early-phase project.

Members will be grouped into teams of 4-6 students. Each team will select an unmet need, related to global health technology, at the beginning of the academic year and will develop a prototype to address the need by the end of the academic year. Throughout the academic year, teams will be immersed in the entire design process, from need definition, to concept generation, to prototype design. Additionally, participants will develop various technical skills such as CAD, 3D printing, and circuits through a series of Design Challenges.

Throughout the academic year, teams will be expected to work closely with both the Incubator directors and an external mentor. In addition, a design review will be held to showcase the work created in the incubator throughout the academic year.

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