At the beginning of every semester, M-HEAL hosts mass meetings in which all project teams showcase their work and answer questions. This is an excellent opportunity for members to learn more about each of the project teams, the Incubator, our programs, and our organization.  SANA and EHCO applications are closed for Fall 2016. Project Team applications are now closed for Winter 2017. If you are interested in joining a team sometime in the middle of the semester, email our secretary, Saloni Jaikamal, at 


M-HEAL project teams need guidance as they advance their projects, and M-HEAL seeks mentors from a wide range of backgrounds. Project teams have questions about developing and implementing their design, and they seek perspectives on technologies, design, material choice, culture, medicine, marketability, funding, international partners, social ventures and more. If you are interested in mentoring one of our teams, please contact our president, Erik Thomas, at